Friday, August 29, 2014

Child Support Is Not Dischargeable

Child support is NOT dischargeable in any type of bankruptcy. The welfare of minor children is of primary importance throughout the state and federal court system.

But you still can get some benefit from declaring bankruptcy. Although you cannot erase child support payments, if you file for Chapter 7 protection and most of your other debts are erased, your budget will include new extra cash, which will make it easier for you to make your scheduled support payments on time.

Even choosing a Chapter 13 wage earner plan will lower your monthly payments to creditors, leaving you with more available cash to meet your support commitments.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Hiding From Debt Won't Make It Go Away.

Ignoring or evading your financial troubles will only make them worse. Nobody-ever-forgets-a-debt. Especially not creditors. If you are facing legal action do not procrastinate.

Often, even when people are in danger of foreclosure or car repossession, or are being sued, or are having their wages garnished – even then, they do not want to think about filing bankruptcy. It is very painful to think of filing bankruptcy – especially before the person understands bankruptcy.

In most cases, once bankruptcy options are explained by an experienced attorney, people are greatly relieved to find that their problems can be resolved after all. Do not wait until after your house is foreclosed, your car is repossessed, or your wages are being garnished. Find out what bankruptcy relief is available to you sooner rather than later.